We are working on apiary descriptions for the API methods, that will come soon ...

A description of "plain"" rules can be found at plain rules.

Visual Rules are intended to be used by the Portal exclusively, until a new format is developed which will replace the old format eventually. So, basically, the DCA's documentation is the reference.

Notices/notifications follow the format defined in Orion (Context Broker) for "notify" actions. Context subscriptions

All HTTP request must have application/json as MIME type. Responses are application/json also. Generally, the JSON returned as response includes a error field with a string describing an error or null if everything worked fine.

Every request should send a field header for the service (Fiware-Service) and the subservice (Fiware-ServicePath) it refers to.

For service and servicepath only alphanumeric and underscore characters are allowed.

The servicepath is a set of scopes separated by "/" and has the following limitations:

  • each scope must start with "/"
  • 10 maximum scope levels in a path
  • 50 maximum characters in each level, only alphanum and underscore allowed
  • Empty scopes are not allowed, at least it has to have length 1 (excluding the "/")

Fiware-ServicePath is an optional header. It is assumed that requests without Fiware-ServicePath belongs to a root scope "/" implicitely.

Internally to the CEP, scopes do not have a special meaning, so the entire servicepath string is used as a unit, and no operation of CEP takes into account a particular scope inside servicepath. Note this is the current behaviour, although it could change in the future to align more closely to how Orion uses service path (i.e. in a hierarchical way)


Method Path Description
POST /notices Send an event/notification to perseo


CRUD for "plain" rules

Method Path Description
GET /rules List all rules
GET /rules/{id} Get rule with nameID
POST /rules Add rule
DELETE /rules/{id} Delete rule with nameID

Visual Rules

CRUD for Visual Rules. Originally detailed in DCA documentation (RESTAPI-SBC_2.6, section 6.15).

Method Path
GET /m2m/vrules
GET /m2m/vrules/{id}
POST /m2m/vrules
DELETE /m2m/vrules/{id}
PUT /m2m/vrules/{id}


Method Path Description
POST /version Get version of perseo

Log level

Method Path Description
PUT /admin/log?level={level} Set log level of perseo
GET /admin/log Get the current log level of perseo